AI Virtual Assistants

AI Virtual Assistants

Based on our technologies of virtual avatars, 3D modeling and deep learning , an AI virtual assistant can act like a real person and be present at applications, mini programs, large advertising screens and other terminals, playing roles like a consultant, an instructor, a customer service representative and a tour guide.

Solution Introduction

Users can interact with virtual assistants in real time by texts or voices. Virtual assistants can offer users professional consulting services during the interaction. Our solution can strongly empower fields such as culture, museums, health care and governmental services.

Solution Features

STA, along with technologies such as natural language processing and speech synthesis, can create a virtual assistant speaking and interacting with users in real time. It can make voice response lively.

  • Compatible with Popular Voice Assistants

    The virtual assistant can be perfectly compatible with users' existing voice response system, using avatars instead of plain texts and voices to answer questions.

  • Avatar Style Customization

    Our avatars consist of animals, cartoon figures and real people, which can be personalized for users' demands to fit various application scenarios.

  • Compatible with Various Clients

    Our solution can be compatible with WeChat mini programs, H5 webpages, applications, offline large advertising screens and other clients, offering professional virtual assistants that can be used widely.

  • Lip Syn

    Shapes of mouth will be synchronized with speech contents to realize multimodal interaction.

  • Deep Learning

    Use the deep learning algorithm to create the most realistic AI virtual people with customized clothes, poses and movements according to needs.

  • Abundant Expression Feedback

    Various facial expressions can be created based on exclusive features of Blendshape and facial expression coefficients.


AI virtual assistants can be customized based on demands.

  • Product Modules
  • Avatar Customization
  • Function Configuration
  • Standard SDK
    Our solution can integrate with users' existing use of Apps by simple development. Visual and interactive experiences with virtual people can be achieved.
    Deep Learning SDK for Publishing Streams
    By means of cloud rendering and publishing streams, the issue of inadequate hardware computing power can be solved so that the deep learning solution for the most realistic virtual people can be realized. The professional solution for virtual people can be well-fitted with phones, low-performance large advertising screens , WeChat official accounts/ mini programs and other application scenarios.
    Offline Large Advertising Screens
    Our comprehensive software and hardware solution of large advertising screens developed can offer more precise solutions for 3D virtual people and deep learning. It can improve visual and interactive experiences by creating the most realistic virtual people.
  • Avatar Customization

    • Avatar can be 3D cartoon figures, 3D animals and 2.5D photorealistic virtual people with customized clothes,poses and movements according to needs.
  • Function Configuration

    • According to users’ needs, we can offer multidimensional configuration services for emotions, movements, front-end page design and development, and the NLP Q&A library customization.
    • Meanwhile,our solution is compatible with most existing voices assistants to create perfect AI assistants.

Application Scenarios





Guiding and Orientation

Guiding and Orientation