Interactive Live Streaming

Interactive Live Streaming

We help streamers to connect their microphones with audiences' in real time with extra-low latency.
Our self-developed face AR solution can be accessed easily and personalized.
We support various kinds of live streams such as pan entertainment, games and e-commerce.

Solution Introduction

We offer solutions to over 200 countries and regions, including to almost hundreds of small and medium-sized operators in China.

Interactive Live Video Streaming SDK
  • Great optimization for poor internet connection.
  • Channels with millions of users supporting real-time interaction.
  • Supporting real-time transcoding and stream pushing, and multistream.
  • Supporting streamers and fans from various channels to connect microphones for video PK and giving likes.
  • Personalized layout.
Solution Introduction
Face AR
Beautification SDK
  • Offering light and convenient face AR rendering engines with features of great speed, small installation packages and low cost.
  • Supporting many facial effects, including face beautification, stickers, filters, reshaping and makeup.
  • Supporting personalized filters and stickers with customized editing tools.
  • Great optimization for mobile platforms, supporting other platforms and extremely easy for integration.

Solution Features

Our solution has excellent performance with extra-high concurrency and a latency of merely milliseconds.

Simple and Excellent API Design
Four lines of codes helping you realize functions including voice calls, video calls and interactive live streaming
Modular design, flexible and great extensibility.
Super small SDK packets with powerful functions and extra-low cost of resources.
Multi-Platform Support
Supporting multiple platforms and developing tools.
Compatible with over 6000 kinds of devices and offering consistent experience.
Compatible with new devices and no need to upgrade SDKs.
Abundant Developer Tools
Tools for testing the status of devices: audio and video status, processing algorithms, SDK data packet processes, network quality and connection.
RESTful: Checking usage and channel information in real time.
Perfect Developer Services
We offer abundant DEMOs.

We offer complete APIs/ user guides/ FAQ documents.

Application Scenarios

Our application scenarios cover social networking and pan entertainment

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