Face Beautification

Face Beautification

The real-time makeup function is achieved by face tracking technologies with abundant and accurate markers. With this function, even makeup-free users can instantly wear elaborate makeup when taking selfies and filming videos.

Precision Skin Beautification

This modecan capture facial features with great precision so functions such as skin smoothing, facial whitening and rosy cheeks can be exactly applied to skins and the smudging effect can be reduced, making photos look more natural. Furthermore, the eye-brightening and teeth-whitening functions add more details to face beautification. Even in conditions of backlighting and vignetting, this mode can still effectively make users look good with one click.

  • 美颜前
  • 美颜后
  • Slide to see the contrast effect
Before After

Intelligent Reshaping

Real-time facial reshaping allows fine adjustments to your facial features such as eyes, face, forehead, nose, chin and mouth. You can achieve exquisite facial features for selfies and Vlogs in various occasions easily.

  • Nose

  • Jaw

  • Eyes

  • Forehead

  • Mouth

  • Face

FU Camera Demo Download

This demo app shows core product functions developed by FaceUnity and it is also a powerful multifunctional camera application.

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