Digital IP and Intelligent Tourism

Digital IP and Intelligent Tourism

We offer financial clients one-stop virtual digital IP services including reception, intelligent investment consulting and remote support based on technologies such as speech recognition, speech understanding, voice response and animation synthesis.

Solution Introduction

Virtual digital IP technologies can help financial clients solve many difficulties such as a lack of customer services, bad experiences of transacting business without physical presence and limited offline traffic.

Greeting & Information Guide

Natural interaction can be achieved with guests according to the number of people, their movement and demographics.

  • Reception
  • Customer Analysis
  • engaging interaction
  • Encyclopedia
  • of Life and Customization

Remote Virtual Customer Service

Monotonous and robotic voice response is gone to improve user experience.

  • Business Consulting
  • Business Management
  • Data Update
  • Risk Control

Precision Product Marketing

We interact with clients by intelligent marketing terminals to precisely recommend wealth management products, which can create a closed loop for product marketing.

  • Gaining Information
  • Precise Matching of Wealth Management Products
  • Voice Response Product Recommendation

Referral Traffic by Interactive Entertainment

We empower scene marketing for branches of banks to create flagship branches which will go viral on the internet for their good customer experience.

  • AR Interactive Game
  • Get Rewards
  • Online referral traffic
  • Secondary Marketing

Solution Features

We offer all-round solutions for fields such as interactive entertainment, avatar and interface customization and statistical analysis.

Pan-entertainment Interaction and Content Customization

We present interactive games supported by technologies such as face tracking and gesture recognition on large advertising screens. Our solution supports functions such as attracting traffic from WeChat official accounts,distributing vouchers and sharing users’ photos. Meanwhile, contents on screens can be customized.

Multi Interface Advertising and Personalized Editing

Our solution supports personalized editing in full screens, shifted banners and sharing interfaces. Clients can update advertisements directly by editing and uploading well-fitted display interfaces in the background.

Collecting Statistics of User Traffic and Profiles

Our solution can collect user traffic statistics recognized by large advertising screens such as the number of users, ages and sex ratio. Meanwhile, details of users’ behavior will be collected and statistics can be checked in real time in the background.


Application Scenarios

Virtual Greeter

Virtual Greeter

Customer Service

Customer Service

Business Dealing

Business Dealing