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  • Full-Stack Digital Object Technology
    Bringing Culture to Life
    Our full-stack digital object technology creates representations that are stunningly authentic and true to form.
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    Metaverse Architects
    Building a Lifelike Digital World
    Our approach marries computer graphics to artificial intelligence (AI) to pioneer the application of extended reality (XR) technology.
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    Solutions for Every Scenario Assisting Enterprises in their Metaverse Evolution
    We deliver one-stop solutions tailored to social entertainment, e-commerce marketing, daily life, smart cities, and the film and gaming sectors.
    AI Digital Human Streaming Solutions
    AR Video Effects Solutions
    Intelligent Terminal Solutions
    Core Technologies
    Five major algorithm modules, a self-developed engine, and two sets of original hardware drive Faceunity development of digital human and object technologies.
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    Building Your Exclusive Digital Assets
    One to one household service, one click start
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