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  • Intelligent Terminal Solutions
    We use the AvataX Digital Human Platform to provide customers with user-friendly, intelligent, efficient, digital human solutions for a range of intelligent terminals from smartphones, in-vehicle infotainment systems, and interactive large screens to XR devices, deeply into depth business scene, transforming customers in different industries with digital intelligence upgrades.
    Smartphone Solutions

    We use advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies as well as AIGC technology and graphics rendering capabilities to help well-known mobile phone brands in China and abroad outshine their smartphone performance with professional image editing, personalized portraits LLM, mobile digital humans, and other solutions.

    Mobile Digital Humans Online consultation

    3D cartoon characters:Users can create 3D cartoon characters in various styles, from blind box, realistic, and European and American animation to traditional Asian and Chinese styles. Users can customize their characters and use face/body/voice in real time. The characters support gesture recognition and can hold conversations in multiple scenes.

    3D personal digital avatars:3D personal digital avatars generated from real-life 2D videos with realistic facial features and detailed expression driven by camera/audio/text, for true 3D effects in XR devices.

    2D personal digital avatars:2D videos can be used to create a 2D digital human driven in real time and ready to broadcast or narrate as soon as you've given them the text and a voice. Edit freely on the broadcast video. It's the first digital human in the industry that can operate on a mobile intelligent terminal in real time.

    Professional Image Editing Online consultation

    Enhance image quality:20+ professional image editing effects - remove haze, optimize night scenes, and use scene-based lighting effects. High bit-depth RAW image data processing, multiple layer creation methods (AI, manual, etc.), and professional-level photo editing on portable operations are supported.

    Super-quality portrait beautification:70+ image and video portrait beautification functions, including AI-based acne removal, personalized face beautification, ultra-fine image matting, as well as high-performance E2E portrait beautification on smart phones in the price range of 1,000 RMB.

    Personalized Portraits LLM Online consultation

    Portrait restoration:Uses large language models to satisfy the requirements for facial occlusion, optimization in extreme lighting conditions, dynamic blur restoration, and enlargement of individual faces in a group photo, improving the final photographic results.

    Facial pose editing:Uses large language models to adjust facial pose effects and freely edit individual facial features or the face as a whole. With a wide range of emotion templates available, such as happy, angry, and surprised, beautify your face and make it more realistic without losing key facial features.

    Personalized portrait beautification:Uses large language models to pre-train with images of the same user, enabling personalized one-tap beautification without having to adjust parameters, beautifying faces, reshaping bodies, and tapping into preferred makeup styles.

    Intelligent In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) System Solutions

    Leverages industry-leading digital human and AI interaction technologies to cover every possible automobile scene and expand the application of intelligent IVI systems, helping automobile manufacturers deliver a more personalized, visualized, heart-warming user experience. This solution is currently being implemented by the leading new energy vehicle brands.

    In-Vehicle AI Assistant Online consultation
    Conventional vehicle use:The personification of the vehicle visualizes voice interaction, IVI system signals, intelligent scenes, and intelligent care, improving the ease-of-use of in-cabin functions and highlighting brand tone and product positioning. It helps vehicles transfer from transportation tool to a highly personalized travel assistant.
    Vehicle Owner Operation Kit Online consultation
    Long-term operation scene:A ready-to-use vehicle owner operation kit that helps automakers make an emotional connection with vehicle owners by means of Avatar, virtual asset exchange & purchase at vehicle owner operation malls, content and activity in vehicle owner communities, and more. Intended to improve user stickiness, attract more traffic to the vehicle owner community, establish a pay-for-service mindset among vehicle owners, and effectively expand profit channels and approaches of the vehicle owner operation mall.
    Digital Spokesperson for Automakers Online consultation
    Special scenes:Supports high-precision customization of digital spokespersons to assist in special and differentiated application scenes, such as online launch events, marketing campaigns and media communication, helping automakers introduce cutting-edge technologies and innovative functions, strengthening user awareness of the intelligence of the auto brand, and increasing the willingness of target users to pay for service. Also uses the official A-moji and content created by vehicle owners to further enhance user stickiness and brand influence.
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