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  • Motion Capture for the Film
    and TV Industry
    Enhance metaverse experiences by pushing the limits of entertainment and captivating the next generation of viewers.
    Scheme Introduction
    Leveraging cutting-edge face-driven algorithms and facial capture tools, Faceunity Technology integrates remote controls, time-code systems, and advanced hardware configurations. Our solution aligns seamlessly with film and TV industry standards, offering customers a one-stop facial capture solution.
    Motion Capture for the Film and TV Industry
    Solution Architecture
    Application Scenarios
    Metaverse Variety Shows
    Metaverse Concerts
    Solution Forms
    Service Methods
    Facial Capture Software APK Time-Code Distribution Control Software
    Core Functions
    Facial Expression Recognition
    Live Link Face Data Push
    Multi-device Time-Code Synchronization
    Multi-device Remote Control
    Underlying Technologies
    Face Technology
    Facial Tracking
    Face Landmark Detection
    Expression Recognition
    Time-Code Control
    Advantages of the plan
    High Adaptability
    Faceunity's solutions adapt to the specific needs of the film and TV industry, integrating time-code systems, centralized remote controls, and supporting automated workflows.
    55 Expression Coefficients
    Our solution aligns with industry-standard expression coefficients, including natural expression and 54 specific facial movements of the eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, and more.
    Low Power Consumption
    The substantial computing strength and power efficiency of our engine ensures facial capture operations run uninterrupted at 60fps for 4 to 5 hours.
    Real-Time Face-Driven Avatar
    A single mobile device satisfies industry standards for speed and accuracy with professional face-driven on-the-spot real-time recording and playback results.
    Multiple Inputs
    Faceunity's capture terminal supports inputs from multiple PC devices (UE models), using the video data of a single individual to concurrently animate multiple virtual avatar models.
    High Model Compatibility
    Our avatars are versatile and adaptable to diverse proportions and designs, whether cartoon, 3D, or 2D styles to meet every unique application need.
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